About Us


Skip (left), Jill and Jim are three of Jean and Woody Paukert’s five kids. Our brothers Steve and Bob, along with our parents, are no longer here, but they are part of who we are and the stories we tell. This blog is dedicated to our mom, who often told Jim he should have been a writer. Well now he is, Mom, and the rest of us are along for the ride.

Skip Paukert is an actor in Los Angeles with loads of stage, TV and film appearances to his credit. Anyone who has met him in the last 35 years knows him as Paul Norwood. Maybe he’ll post a blog about how that name came about. In the meantime, here are a few things about Skip:

  • Married to Ryan Lean
  • Loves the theater, classical music, history and dogs (also the two cats he lives with, if not the species overall)
  • Spends his rare spare time trail running and supporting activities important to his heart and his faith

Jim Paukert retired from a noble career as a social worker for the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services, helping families and their kids navigate some of the most challenging life circumstances imaginable. We don’t know how he did it but figure his love of philosophy helped give him the needed patience, perseverance and perspective. Here’s a snapshot of Jim:

  • Married to Dita Paukert
  • Loves classical music, dogs and cats and walking in the woods
  • Runs an adult learning center in a rural community in Georgia, teaching English as a second language, basic literacy and other life skills

Jill Paukert Hollingsworth works in corporate communications for a global brewer headquartered in Colorado. Having become a widow in 2015, she is navigating a new normal and figuring out how to embrace her new life with an adventurer’s spirit and a gloriously open heart. Other facts about Jill:

  • Loves all the experiences, sights, smells, sounds and tastes of traveling in both new and familiar places
  • Spends her spare time trail running and playing tennis
  • Owns an exquisitely beautiful bagpipe she still can’t play … yet

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