An Aphorism

Gods are immortal: they do not die because they cannot die, and because they cannot die, their world is a comic world.  Humans are mortal: they die because they must die, and because they must die, their world is tragic.  Humans know the grave and gravity.  Gods do not.  Nothing godly is grave, nothing serious, all is jest.  Even when the Son of God declaims “Father, oh father, why hast Thou forsaken me?” he is only play-acting, delivering the final line in a play scripted specially for him.  Directional notes conclude the piece: He dies, or seems to die.  He is buried in a vault.  He waits a short while, until he’s alone, then gets up, dusts off his trousers, departs the vault and returns to heaven.  Humans wail and gnash their teeth while the gods roar in laughter.

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