And Then There Were Three

Jim threw down the gauntlet and Skip was close behind, so here we go a’blogging … merrily, I hope!

It’s true. As Jim said, this “blog thing” was my idea. It’s also true I proposed it nearly two years ago and only created the site within the last couple of months. Hey, no need to rush into anything, right?

Exactly two years ago Skip and Jim came to Boulder to help me celebrate the life of my husband, Bill, with about 100 friends, a few eulogies and lots of dancing fun in true Bill Hollywood style. As the three of us hiked in the beautiful Boulder hills one morning, I posed the question … what do you think about writing a blog together? It’ll be fun. No pressure. Just us hanging out together in the interwebs.

So here we are.

Already I’ve found my brothers’ posts fun and fascinating. Regarding our first home as a complete family, I was too young to have any recollections of it, so I’ve loved reading their memories. I do remember Mom referring to the Civil War general, General Wood, and Skip’s research has borne out that it was his son, a Spanish-American War general, who actually lived there.

I also remember Mom saying the gorgeous maple, four-poster bed I grew up sleeping in belonged to the Civil War General Wood. We’ll never be able to verify that via Google, but I suspect it’s true because it is a VERY short bed typical of a time when people were smaller. Hey, do you think it’s possible to find out how tall Thomas J. Wood (Civil War dad) and George H. Wood (Spanish-American War son) were? In any case, my life memories start in Darien, Conn., so I’ll have more to say when we get to that point in our collective history.

For now, though, a few thoughts are running through my head:

  • That Dayton house had amazing character and history, and I credit Mom for landing us there. She had such an eye—and a heart—for aesthetics and history’s rich, personal stories.
  • I love that my brothers named trees in the yard based on the experiences they created with them. There’s such a joy and purity in that.
  • I think this blog is going to be a blast.

The truth is I’ve always been in awe of my brothers … all four of them … and feel like I hit the jackpot that I was added to my family before the door closed on it. We grew up with love, curiosity, trust, humor, respect and a sense of freedom and adventure, and those qualities got us through the hard times every family endures. No matter what, we were—and are—all in it together. And we do it with laughter and a sense of optimism. You’ll see.


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