The Paukert kids from left: Steve, Bob (holding Nippy, the cocker spaniel), Jill, Jim and Skip

We’re not exactly kids anymore, but we were when we formed our first contemplations about life, riding in the back-back of the family station wagon with the world spinning by. It was a ’63 Plymouth, and the back-back was a coveted spot … as far as possible from the smoke of our parents’ cigarettes and thrilling because facing backward meant a we had a view no one else in the car shared. No seeing what’s coming. Only what’s gone by.

Fast forward to this blog. We’re not here to proselytize, evangelize or monetize. And as for a central theme, you won’t find that here either. We write about what moves us, whether it’s a musical performance, a political opinion, a walk in the woods, reflections on daily life, thoughts about religion or spirituality, a poem, a great recipe or a million other things. Who knows? We certainly don’t. All we know is we’re going to have some fun. Feel free to join us if you’d like, with both reading and writing. Guest blog posts from our friends and family are welcome. There’s plenty of room here in the back-back.

Skip, Jim and Jill